The SOBotics chat room relies on a GitHub organization at: We create bots to help with the moderation of Stack Overflow on all fronts, be it questions, answers, comments or even badges. Enjoy your stay at our room and while you’re here, please go through the rules at first.

General rules regarding all the bots

What is the proper etiquette that should be followed while I am present in the room?

What to do when the room is mentioned on meta

Do you want to develop a bot?

Do you want to bring a bot to the room?

What chat lib are you using?

This is a list of chat API's to interact with the chat system on Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange.
Do note since they are developed on free time you should not expect full chat functionalities nor personal support from developers. Please also check the individual license's before using a chat lib. If you have or know of antoher chat lib feel free to ping us in SOBotics and we will add it to our list




Who are all these bots?

The room is currently the home of:

Bot name

User to contact

Link to the SE Post
Link to Readme and instructions page
Queen (SOCVFinder)
Petter Friberg
SOCVFinder: providing enjoyable reviewing, live duplicate notifications and cherry-picking on Stack Overflow
Queen (HeatDetector)
Petter Friberg
Heat Detector – analysing comments to find heat
Burnaki Tunaki Burnaki: tracking progress and helping burnination efforts on Stack Exchange
Natty Bhargav Rao ♦
Natty – Bringing 10k moderation to All
Bhargav Rao ♦
Badger – The tumbleweed detector
FireAlarm: detecting low-quality questions with machine learning
Guttenberg – A bot searching for plagiarism on Stack Overflow
Generic Bot
Generic Bot – A Moderation Chatbot
Belisarius - Detecting vandalism on Stack Overflow

Housekeeping Bot

The Housekeeper bot in the room helps us to manage the room more efficiently. It runs the following services:

  1. Open Reports - A helper bot for reviewing the Natty reports.
  2. Notepad - A small notepad bot for the room .
  3. Juke Box - A bot that returns a random song.

The following other bots are also present in the room, but they are still under development and may not be available.

  1. Fire Alarm - Bot to check for low quality posts.
  2. Hatman - Bot to welcome users and to help kill time.
  3. Unistack - Bot to help detect duplicate posts.

SOCVFinder's FAQ

SOCVFinder is for user with >3K reputation and gold badge holders to find duplicates, we expect these users to review correctly the questions presented by bot

Heat Detector's FAQ

Stack Exchange has provided a feed of offensive comments which allows for testing and serves a base for the classifying algorithms. However, do not use this as a witch hunt to find users and harass them.

  1. Commenting back on a SO post to a heated comment is, in general, a very bad idea. Avoid commenting in most, if not all cases. A Room Owner might decide to stop the bot if the room is involved in any bad situation (using the command @Queen stop feed) and kick the users involved.
  2. It is not allowed to speak about the users that posted reported comments in the chat room. We do not moderate users, but comments.
  3. When multiple offensive comments are exchanged or someone is going well over the top, please remember to flag the thread for moderator intervention. They are not automatically notified of the comments' deletion.
  4. tp should be used for "not nice" comments or comments that lead to offensive ones or offensive / spam posts (answer / question). You can flag the comment or the post approprietly.
  5. tp socvr can be used to send a notification to the SOCVR room. This should only be used when the comment is very rude and requires immediate attention to avoid flame posts and / or repeatingly offense from other users.
  6. fp should be used for comments that were wrongly reported (i.e. they are on-topic and constructive).
  7. It is up to you to give feedback when and if you want to. You can abstain from giving one if you feel the comment is hard to classify (borderline).
  8. As a general guideline, please don't pile on flags unless the comment really warrants it. Only one flag is enough for a moderator to take a look and act on it.

Natty's FAQ


In order to help with giving feedback to Natty, a userscript has been developed, called NattyReporter. It listens to NAA and VLQ flags that are raised, and automatically sends a report to Natty in chat. Additionnally, it adds a 'Natty' link below each post, in which you can select a proper feedback to give for that post.


###[A] Answers just to say Thanks!
Please don't add _"thanks"_ as answers. They don't actually provide an answer to the question, and can be perceived as noise by its future visitors. Once you [earn]( enough [reputation](http://$SITEURL$/help/whats-reputation), you will gain privileges to [upvote answers](http://$SITEURL$/help/privileges/vote-up) you like. This way future visitors of the question will see a higher vote count on that answer, and the answerer will also be rewarded with reputation points. See [Why is voting important](http://$SITEURL$/help/why-vote).

###[A] Link Only Answers
A link to a solution is welcome, but please ensure your answer is useful without it: [add context around the link](// so your fellow users will have some idea what it is and why it’s there, then quote the most relevant part of the page you're linking to in case the target page is unavailable. [Answers that are little more than a link may be deleted.](//$SITEURL$/help/deleted-answers)

###[A] NAAs by < 50 rep
This does not provide an answer to the question. You can [search for similar questions](//$SITEURL$/search), or refer to the related and linked questions on the right-hand side of the page to find an answer. If you have a related but different question, [ask a new question](//$SITEURL$/questions/ask), and include a link to this one to help provide context. See: [Ask questions, get answers, no distractions](//$SITEURL$/tour)

###[A] NAAs by > 50 rep
This post doesn't look like an attempt to answer this question. Every post here is expected to be an explicit attempt to *answer* this question; if you have a critique or need a clarification of the question or another answer, you can [post a comment](//$SITEURL$/help/privileges/comment) (like this one) directly below it. Please remove this answer and create either a comment or a new question. See: [Ask questions, get answers, no distractions](//$SITEURL$/tour)

###[A] 'Me too!'
Please don't add _Me too!_ as answers. It doesn't actually provide an answer to the question and can be perceived as noise by its future visitors. If you have a different but related question then [ask](http://$SITEURL$/questions/ask) it (reference this one if it will help provide context). If you're interested in this specific question, you can [upvote](http://$SITEURL$/help/privileges/vote-up) it or leave a [comment](http://$SITEURL$/help/privileges/comment) once you have enough [reputation](http://$SITEURL$/help/whats-reputation).

###[A] Link only (SO link)
This should be a comment, not an answer. If it is a duplicate question, [vote to close](http://$SITEURL$/help/privileges/close-questions) as such and/or leave a comment once you [earn]( enough [reputation](http://$SITEURL$/help/whats-reputation). If not, tailor the answer to this specific question.

Excessive promotion of a specific product/resource may be perceived by the community as **spam**. Take a look at the [help], specially [What kind of behavior is expected of users?](http://$SITEURL$/help/behavior)'s last section: _Avoid overt self-promotion_. You might also be interested in [How to not be a spammer](http://$SITEURL$/help/promotion) and [How do I advertise on $SITENAME$?](http://$SITEURL$/help/advertising).

###Vandalized post
Please do not vandalize your posts. Once you've posted a question, you have licensed the content to the Stack Overflow community at large (under the CC-by-SA license).  If you would like to disassociate this post from your account, see [What is the proper route for a disassociation request?](

###[A] Question posted as answer
This post isn't an actual attempt at answering the question. Please note [$SITENAME$ doesn't work like a discussion forum](http://$SITEURL$/about), it is a Q&A site where every post is either a question or an answer to a question. Posts can also have [comments](http://$SITEURL$/help/privileges/comment) — small sentences like this one — that can be used to critique or request clarification from an author. This should be either a comment or a [new question](http://$SITEURL$/questions/ask).

###[A] Editing NAA in review
Please don't edit those posts that aren't answers. Editing in review clears the current flag and stops the deletion process. You should "Recommend Deletion" instead, or Skip if you're not sure.

###[A] Editing VLQ in review
Please don't edit link-only answers when you cannot salvage them. As is, they aren't answers and should be deleted. Editing in review clears the current flag and stops the deletion process. You should "Recommend Deletion" instead, or Skip if you're not sure.

###[A] Duplicated answer to multiple questions
Please don't add [the same answer]([type here]) to multiple questions. Answer the best one and flag the rest as duplicates. See [Is it acceptable to add a duplicate answer to several questions?](

Highly recommended reading when interacting with posts

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